Ready to serve non-alcoholic cocktails

Since launching in December 2020, part of our ethos has been to offer a conscientious approach to drinking; if you’re going to have a beverage, it should be great. Now, launching a non-alc alternative to our two most popular cocktail flavours is a natural complement to our collection.

DuchessDry is a growing range of non-alcoholic beverages that provide the same delightful experience as our cocktails -- without the effects of our base spirits.

More flavours to come!

0% cocktails, made in Vancouver

We started working on our non-alcoholic Cosmo and Lemon Drop recipes back in March 2023, and these were two of the most complex recipes we've done to date. Why? Because our goal was to create non-alc versions of our 12% cocktails, not just mocktails.

All Duchess cocktails are made at the Duchess factory in Vancouver, BC.