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Duchess Cocktails

DuchessDry Non-Alcoholic Cosmopolitan

DuchessDry Non-Alcoholic Cosmopolitan

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4 DuchessDry non-alcoholic Cosmopolitan martinis.

Inspired by our 12% Duchess Cosmopolitan, the DuchessDry Cosmo is a perfectly balanced, ready to serve cocktail, with notes of cranberry, lime, and orange. 

The DuchessDry Cosmo is a lightly sparkling beverage with real cranberry and lime juice, natural orange flavouring, carbonated water, and natural essences.

Enjoy your DuchessDry Cosmo chilled, straight from the bottle or in a coupe, or pour it over ice. Every bottle serves two drinks worth. Made in Vancouver.

Show us how you drink your Duchess cocktail! Tag us on instagram: @duchesscocktails


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